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Introducing our brand new Jasmine Rice.

Premium quality Jasmine Rice directly from Thailand.

We also have Pastas

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Intense violet color, spicy and sweet aromas such as pepper, strawberry and chocolate. Elegant and fruity, well balanced and round.

Cabernet Suavignon

Brilliant red violet color, developing aromas of cherry, plum and spices. At palate is round, fruity with pleasant tannins, representing faithfully the character of the variety.


This wine shows a ruby red color with delicate aromas of red berries, plum and touches of herbs and earth. At palate is elegant, with smooth tannins providing a round finish.

Sauvignon Blanc

Pale yellow with green tints. This wines has aromas of citric fruits such as lime, passion fruit and pineapple. Delivers elegance, with balanced acidity, which provides freshness and a zesty finish.


Brilliant golden yellow color, with pleasant aromas of bananas, peaches and pears. This wine is fresh and fruity with a promise of a memorable finish.


Intense fruity aromas of strawberries and pears. An elegant freshness that delivers the perfect balance and finish

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